About Us

In 2003 Paul and I decided to begin a new less stressful life by moving abroad. After much deliberation we chose Italy as I had lived in Tuscany working as a nanny and had acquired a working knowledge of Italian.

We had seen a couple of houses on the internet and decided to take a look. When we arrived in the quaint village of Carunchio, we found that there were several more empty properties situated in the old historical part which were begging to be lovingly restored. We immediately realised the potential of these properties and decided to buy 3 houses and a large property which will convert into several apartments.

Having resigned from my job I became the obvious person to co-ordinate this venture especially as I could speak Italian, whilst Paul continues his work as an electrician to earn the money to pay for the renovations.

Despite the challenges of setting up a new business and coping with life in a foreign country the welcome and acceptance of the villagers has made this an experience to be treasured.

Clare & Paul