Carunchio is a traditional small tranquil village in the heart of the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is an ideal place to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. Carunchio and surrounding areas offer it’s visitors beautiful scenery and irresistible charm with …

  • exquisite views over mountains
  • vineyards
  • olive groves
  • woodlands
  • snow-capped mountains

The village also offers beautifully clean air and water, and boasts a nature park right on it’s doorstep. It also has two bars, two restaurants, a post office, butchers and a cash-machine – in fact everything you could need to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.


Some history of Carunchio

The ancient characteristic centre of this mountainous area ‘Alto Vastese’, Carunchio, around 30 minutes from the sea, arose to protect the nearby villages.

It is a village of medieval origin with information dating back to the 12th Century but the original village was supposedly raided and abandoned, to be later rebuilt more securely on the same site using the original walls.

The imposing Church of St. John the Baptist (which has a fascinating pipe organ), found at the top of the village, dominates the attractive valley of the River Treste. The pipe organ was built in 1775 replacing the original one of 1692. The organ is no longer in its original position as it was feared it would be struck by lightning. It was completely restored to its full splendour in 1998. The two angels situated at each side of the organ pipes (which were stolen years ago) have been replaced using old photos.

In the old part of the village there is a building called ‘Palazzo Turdo’ (which has been renovated into a hotel) boasting spectacular circular watch towers. Surrounded by the enchanting natural scenery, it provides an opportunity to stop and admire the breath taking views.

Throughout the village you can admire the numerous Roman doorways and in the square a church built in the 1300’s.